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idoodlelearning is a trailblazing and tenacious group of problem solvers, change agents, designers and visionaries on a quest to bring creativity and enjoyment back to teaching and learning. Our mission is to help students embrace their curiosity, develop logical and methodical thought, engage in creative problem solving, and experience the joy of learning something new that ignites their imaginations and fuels their determination.

Our Cubes in Space™ program brings to young explorers opportunities to discover answers to their own questions. And what better way to give young imaginations and their boundless curiosity a place to soar than the chance to launch a design of their own into space?

idoodlelearning is proud to partner with the Colorado Space Grant Consortium with support from NASA's Science Mission Directorate and Sounding Rocket Program Offices to bring Cubes in Space™ to this new generation of future inventors, scientists, engineers, artists and innovators.

idoodlelearning is excited to be working with NASA's Balloon Program Office, to bring hign altitude balloon opportunities to students around the world.

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Amber Agee-DeHart: Founder - Cubes in Space & President - idoodlelearning inc.

Debbie Ross: Operations Manager


We have been receiving kind words from educators around the world about the Cubes in Space program. We thought it was time we shared some of those with you.

"Thank you for this wonderful program! We unfortunately started the program later than expected… but my students worked very hard to get it done in a few weeks. They were able to find the motivation to get it done so quickly because the program excited and inspired them. So many times in their schooling they are given a simulation or false scenario to complete. These projects can be fun, but nowhere near as stimulating as a real-life project. When they heard their project could actually go into space, they were hooked! My kids loved it!"

"My students love the program and the idea of being selected to have their experiment sent to space. I have seen the self-confidence of my students increase when they have been selected in the past. I have one student that I taught last year as well as this year. Her experiment was chosen last year and now her participation this year in Science is much better and her research for her proposal this year has been so much better."

"We really enjoyed the program and were very happy that it aligned mostly to my curriculum although I had to tweak it [and] move some parts around. The students enjoyed the real life application portion."

"My students found the idea of participation in a NASA linked space project very exciting and motivational."

"Having had students who got their experiments accepted, I can say that it has had a tremendous impact on them and on the school community. Students look forward in anticipation to the project and there is palpable excitement about it. It is such a great way to engage students in authentic inquiry and discovery!"

"We took a lot of time to use the materials, discuss topics, and brainstorm. Definitely, it is worth the time. I cannot say enough good things about this program! It is flexible, modular, and can be used in a variety of educational classes, grades, groups/teams, etc. I love the well-roundedness of the experience (i.e., it's not ""just science"", even though it focuses there) - that is important for being a true scientist."

"All together a very enriching and knowledge gaining experience. Students [are] open to new and different schools of thought. [It} creates curiosity and desire in students to know more about outer space, helps students to imbibe new learnings and develop a scientific outlook."

"I think that it was a good program to help give my students structure in the process of designing a project. They were extra motivated because of the uniqueness of the project and the challenges of coming up with a viable idea."

"Our students enjoyed the overall experience. They particularly enjoyed being their own problem solver and not relying heavily on the teacher. Incorporating art is a huge plus to the project and adds an innovative aspect. As an extra-curricular activity, we were able to allow all students of varying interests to participate. The students enjoyed working on ""real-world"" problems that made a difference and had purpose. Overall, we had a lot of fun and are interested in continuing our participation in the future."

"This program is very helpful and inspiring for students as they are doing something other than just reading from a textbook. It's very hands on and can show them than there's more to science then tests, notes and memorizing the periodic table."

Dear Cubes in Space Program,

It has been a lot of fun, [and we] thank you for giving us a great opportunity. We had a fantastic time experimenting with different things we can possibly put in a 4.4.4 cm cube. Thanks for this opportunity to send an idea to space!!! This has been a fun experience to cooperate with each other, and learn a lot about space. Once again thank you!!! We just wanted to say THANK YOU for helping us learn how to work cooperatively, to work as a team, and making us think like a scientist. This opportunity helped us understand that success is a long journey. Thank you!!!!!!!!

How wonderful this project was! This was a fun and a great learning experience. We learned so much while doing this. Also, this project was unique from most projects because the idea of sending common and sometimes household objects in SPACE!!! Once again, thank you for this amazing experience! BYE!!!

Thank you,

From the students of St. John the Baptist - (Advanced) 6th Grade Class

ps: On my part I just want to say THANK YOU!!! This opportunity is UNIQUE!!! From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!!!

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