Donation Station: Project CiS

$500 Donation* - Your OWN cube in space!

Know a space-buff, company, family, class, or school who would love to fly something of their very own into space - and get it back?

For a generous donation of $500, our gift of appreciation will include:

  •  A dedicated and guaranteed spot on the CiS Sounding Rocket-5 mission launching from NASA Wallops Flight Facility on June 21st, 2018. Only 20 available!
  •  High resolution photo collage of your cube, you cube in the canister, and a close-up of the rocket launching.
  •  Postcard with the flight data of our launch on NASA's Terrier Improved-Orion sounding rocket.
  •  A certificate of spaceflight from idoodledu inc and the Cubes in Space program.
  •  And other Cubes in Space goodies!

All contents MUST adhere to ALL regulations and requirements set forth by NASA's Sounding Rocket Program Office and idoodledu inc.

Need some ideas of what to launch? Here are just a few:

  •  Perennial flower or plant seeds - each spring when the plant grows, be reminded as a baby it was in space! Great gift for family and friends!
  •  Business cards or company logos.
  •  Small decals or stickers.
  •  Meaningful trinkets - nothing expensive or family heirlooms please.
  •  " An Experiment - IMPORTANT - must submit a proposal so we have documentation of the contents to provide on the launch manifest we give to our flight manager and NASA

Upon donation, we will send you an email with shipping details and dates.

*Donations made from outside the United States, except for US territories and military bases, who wish to receive our gifts of appreciation must pay for shipping of contents.