Donations help students' ingenuity take flight into space!

SPACE - just the word ignites kids' imaginations! What if kids could design experiments to launch into space for FREE? Within the Cubes in Space program, that's what students around the world have been doing since 2014.

Cubes in Space is free for participants but it costs us money to run this amazing program. Your support will allow us to sustain and improve the program, as well as to extend our reach to kids everywhere who would otherwise never have the opportunity to send an experiment into space!

If you love this program as much as we do or think it is a great opportunity to provide students with an experience that develops their mental growth and problem-solving skills, please donate…even if it is just a couple of dollars.

We have some groovy gifts of appreciation for your donation! Every donation will be acknowledged on the Cubes in Space website and through social media. There is even an opportunity to have your school, club or family picture or logo flown into space and returned to you!

We thank you in advance for your support!

Our Donation Goodies

Cubes in Space™ is a program from idoodledu inc., which is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.
Donations are tax-deductible. Our federal tax ID number is 47-5126283.

We are so grateful :-)

Your name or organization name will be recognized on the Cubes in Space website and via social media forever and ever. Or at least until there is no more internet.

Cubes in Space T-Shirt

The Hanes® Tagless® T-Shirt is made with 6.1-oz, pre-shrunk 100% cotton material. Sizes S-3XL. Free shipping on U.S. mainland orders only. Measurements: Refers to measurements across the chest. Small = 18 inches; Medium = 20 inches; Large = 22 inches; X-Large = 24 inches; 2XL = 26 inches; 3XL = 28 inches.


Plaster your Cubes in Space pride anywhere!

With this CiS Decal Bundle, you get high quality vinyl qb logo, Cubes in Space logo, and the Special Edition "qb has flown in space" decals. Yes, you can have something in your hands that has flown in space! Show it to everyone - we do!

The perfect place for your very brainy thoughts

Don't you find bulky, spiral bound notebooks annoying? They are heavy and the binding snags on everything. We have the solution because we share in that annoyance - the qb Designs Journal. Smartly adorned with the qb logo, this thin black journal is easily portable and biodegradable. But we know you won't want to discard it. But wait, there's more!!! We'll also throw in the CiS Decal Bundle and our Stuckies™ Dots - double-sided, reusable adhesive dots too!

Something just for you from our favorite NASA astronaut

Be the envy of your coworkers, family or friends. Receive a personalized lithograph from astronaut Dr. Roger Crouch. He really is one of the most inspirational, kind, intelligent and generous people we know. And he is truly supportive of the Cubes in Space program. He even sits on our Board of Directors. So post his picture for all to see and know that a NASA astronaut and an uber smarty-pants scientist is greatly appreciative of the time and effort you give to your students by bringing Cubes in Space to them. Add the CiS Decal Bundle to this gift, and it becomes even groovier.

Want to go to space?

…Or at least a photograph of you. Send us a photograph, club logo, or school emblem that is no larger than 5X7 inches (13 cm X 18 cm) and we'll fly it on the June 2016 mission. What's even better is that we return it to you! And of course we will take photos during payload integration as proof we included it in the rocket canister and post them on our website for all to see. And to put the icing on the cake - we'll also include the CiS Decal Bundle. It doesn't get much more awesome than that!