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2016 marks the third year of the Cubes In Space program. This year we are launching Sounding Rocket-3 or SR-3 which allows up to 80 experiments to be integrated with Colorado Space Grant Consortium (COSGC) RockSat-C program's payloads. The Terrier Improved Orion rocket is launched from NASA Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia to approximately 75 miles, which is about 25 miles into space. This short duration mission, lasting around five minutes, allows science and testing to be conducted in "highly energetic" environments. Experiments will be subjected to over 20 g's at launch and will have a splash-landing in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

The sounding rocket mission is open to U.S. and international students ages 11-18.

NASA: Sounding Rocket Website

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