Mission Patch Design Contest

Mission Patch Design Contest 2024

Each year, the Cubes in Space (CiS) program launches students’ experiments, from around the world, into space or near space on NASA suborbital missions. The experiment subjects fit into small payload cubes that fly on a sounding rocket or a zero-pressure, high-altitude balloon mission launched by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center - Wallops Flight Facility.

Every space mission needs a patch designed to communicate key components of the mission. We challenge students to design patches for our Sounding Rocket-10 (SR-10) and/or Research Balloon-9 (RB-9) missions.

The winning design for each mission will be turned into an official mission patch decal and flown into space on the SR-10 and RB-9 missions. And the best part? The mission decals, that flew in space, will be returned to the winners of our contest!

Students will use their creativity, artistic and writing skills to design the mission patch and write paragraph explaining the significance of the elements in the patch and why they were selected. Entrees will be evaluated based on the design AND the description.

As with any space mission design, there are requirements (Do’s/things that shall be done) and constraints (Limitations or things that can not be done). Our mission patch contest also has requirements and constraints.

Terms of the Contest:

  • All designs will become property of the Cubes in Space program and can be used in any print or digital media.
  • AI-generated designs will not be selected.
  • Parent/guardian/caregiver of student must provide written consent (release form) with the design submission.
  • Entries are only accepted by completing the online form.
  • One entry per mission per student.

Design Rules:

  • The design must be an original design
  • The design can be drawn by hand or by use of computer program (individual public domain images or shapes may be used)
  • Each design must be accompanied by a paragraph description originally written by the student
  • For the SR-10 mission patch design, ALL of the following elements must be included to be considered for selection; CiS, iEDU, NASA WFF, SR-10, SRPO, RockSat-C, 2024
  • For the RB-9 mission patch design, ALL of the following elements must be included to be considered for selection; CiS, iEDU, NASA WFF, SR-10, BPO, CSBF, 2024
  • Be creative, have fun!
  • No copying, tracing or AI-generated designs are acceptable
  • No copyright protected images or designs may be used
  • Written descriptions must not AI-generated
  • Limit colors used to 9 or less
  • No blended or gradational colors
  • Designs must be .jpg, .png, or .pdf to be uploaded
  • Uploaded design files must not be larger than 10 MB
  • Uploaded release forms must not be larger than 10 MB
  • Designs will not be accepted after 03 May 2024
  • Printed design decals will not be larger than 3.5 inches or 9 cm in length, height and/or diameter

Documentation for Patch Design Contest

Mission Patch Contest Rules
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Mission Patch Permission/Release
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